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About Us

Welcome to Skywatch Signs. With over thirty five years of full time design and production, we are more than qualified to help you create your perfect sign! We have the latest state-of-the-art sign making technology and know how to combine it with pure artistic skill. I am entirely self taught and started hand painting signs at the ripe age of nineteen. My profession has turned into life long passion with a love for sign design. I have spent more than half of my life learning to perfect the "art of sign design". Even this website is designed by me so everything I create is done with an eye to perfection and beauty. I began my career thirty six years ago in the famed Hamptons on the east end of Long Island. There was an instant need for exceptional high quality signs for the local business community that catered to the tourist industry. Necessity was the driving force behind me learning this craft!

We specialize in dimensional signs both carved, sandblasted and super dimensional. We strive to make all of our signs a one of a kind original that will enhance your company's image in a positive way. We are the company that everyone comes to when no one else can handle your project. Subdivision signs and entry monuments are one of our newer specialties. With a modern 6,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in central Florida we are able to fabricate signs out of virtually any material with a dazzling array of effects! We can guarantee your clients will ask, where did you get such a beautiful sign? We look forward to working with you on your next project and will bend over backwards to make you one of our many satisfied clients. Thank you, Bob Stephens - owner/designer